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art unwin aunwin@fgi.net
Mon, 05 Feb 2001 13:45:57 -0600

At 11:47 AM 2/5/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Art.
>I'm not entering this discussion but I am interested to know whether you
>can provide an Eznec file for the antenna you describe below.  I think
>there may have been a thread on this in r.r.a.a some time ago but I'm not
>Wes N7WS
Yes, you are quite correct.
When I tentively brought the subject up previously
I was wallopped by Tom in a similar debate. He was more agile than 
a blue arse fly on a hot window pane and I could not pin him down and get
my points across, ( or I am extra dumb) but you do what you have to
do if you value his technical knoweledge. 
I left the computor at that time with my tail between my legs for a long time.

 I did have the programing checked by a wonderful guy who is very
conversant with the different programs available and he confirmed my use of
programing analysis, so I am quite comfortable with that aspect.
 Roy W7EL, of EZNEC e.t.c.  a real friend  of the ham community (he really
supports his customers after a sale) also contributed and kindly did a
Eznec file and placed it on his personal page
 ( I am really dumb and can't seem to access it) but it is to be noted that
it represents a very early forage of mine on the subject and also has only
2 (Two) reflectors . 
The sample shared in this post happens to represent a 10 M version that I 
have up today ,the last of the 20M forms were taken down last summer

Perhaps you could post Roy,s address for those who 
are conversant with EZNEC offerings and wish to pursue
the subject in the 10M area

Many thanks and Best Regards
Art Unwin KB9MZ

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