[TowerTalk] Tribander question

Bob k9yh@arrl.net
Tue, 6 Feb 2001 10:31:31 -0600

> This is a "what if" question, as I don't have
> the funds to do this right now anyway. But,
> maybe sometime in 2001...
> Right now, I'm using at TH3 tribander at 40 feet.
> Has anyone replaced a similar antenna (3 el trapped
> tribander w/ 14ft boom) with a Force 12 C3 ?  I'm
> relatively certain, that yes the C3 is better. But
> how much better ? 
> Mike, K9MI

Mike, at my previous house, I had a Mosley TA-33 @ 45'. I live in the
black hole of Northern Indiana. After using it for 3 years, I replaced it
with a C-3 @45' in 1997. I don't have any scientific figures for you,
only a seat-of-the-pants guess. There was quite a bit of difference.
I play around in most of the contests, and it really had a bearing there.
The F/B ratio was a little looser than the TA-33, but I heard stuff that
I know I never heard before, and I was making fewer calls before 
being answered. I used the C-3 to take 1st place in district 9 in
the Tri-band/single element category in the 1997 WPX contest.

I moved this past fall and now have some acreage, so an 80' Trylon
is going up in the spring. I a picked up a second C-3 and am going to
stack them. I may also pick up a C-31XR too. I do love F-12 products..

Hope this helps,

Bob - K9YH

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