[TowerTalk] 4-Square over sloping terrain

James W. Fisher, Jr. 74237.2073@compuserve.com
Fri, 9 Feb 2001 09:02:11 -0500


My 80M 4sq (ComTek/F12) is on sloping terrain.  I raised 3 of the four
elements to level it, but after reading K3LC's article "Elevated Radials
Over Sloping Ground" on p. 189 of Vol 6 of the ARRL Antenna Compendium, I'm
not at all sure it was worth the trouble.  I put on 2 opposing floating
radials and a floating ground (with F12 B1s) on each element and laid the
ground screen (such as it is, and it has been torn up and laid down several
times for non-radio reasons) on the ground, per ON4UN's article on the
separate functions of resonating and reflection.

The elevated bases, up to 11' off the ground, have made maintenance and
tuning much more complicated, especially in the frequent storms on my cliff
over the salt water.

73 es GL,

Jim, VE1JF

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