[TowerTalk] Re: Yagi's (wrapup)

art unwin aunwin@fgi.net
Fri, 09 Feb 2001 10:51:26 -0600

A big thanks to Joe for his input and time
There are many "big boys " who have contributed
to the envelope on yagi's and I also put Tom Rauch
right up there with the experts. All of this is
not about winning or loosing, it is about sharing
and debating antennas and pushing the envelope of 
known boundaries.

As a closing comment, there is the question about
    'all that extra aluminum in the air' 
which is a fair observation to weigh against reaping
any possible advantages.
 When seeing pictures in magazines of
multi towers, miles of wire, antenna farms I am 
not fully convinced that many hams would  compromise
one iota in the fight for the title of 'top dog'.

Unfortunately for me there is a limit as to how 
much aluminum I can put up into the air as with many who
have limited sized lots...... So, as with the 
association of selsyns and prop pitch rotators.
I also challenged the association of aluminum elements
and yagi design which was made before I was born.

I REJECTED that association sometime back and I do not use
aluminum elements anymore.    Which means no more clamps 
and questions of continuity or loss of element tips in
high winds or of loading under ice ,fatigue e.t.c.
plus increasing demands upon rotators and boom to mast

    In defense of the 'low' specs comment, made else where,
at the edges of the band chosen. MY antenna was 
designed for 28.3 Mhz and above(Audio). But I could not 
in good conscience suggest comparison to the ARRL's 17th
edition aproach to improving the High Gain Yagi, 
because that study covered a range  starting at 28.100
All antennas are a question of compromise
 For me to NOT supply those figures,
even tho they are  not complementary, would be patently
dishonest and could be taken as an attempt to deceive.

Art Unwin KB9MZ........XG

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