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Fri, 23 Feb 2001 12:51:44 EST

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> Matt at M2 says that the 5 vdc I measured between pins 5 & 6 is consistent
>  with some early rotors - the note on the web site regarding 11.4VDC between
>  those pins refers to later versions.  He suggests looking elsewhere for
>  the problem - probably at the rotor connector at the top of the tower.
>  Now that the TowerTalk archives are back on line, I see that several
>  people have had problems with water getting into the connector.

    Orions are great rotators but I've seen control cable weatherproofing 
myself. The problem is that you have a 1/4" cable and 1" connectors so 
there's no smooth, easy- to-weatherproof transition. This applies to Hy-Gain 
rotors as well or any other big, irregularly shaped joint you want to 

    My preferred connector wxproofing technique is to first apply 2-3 wraps 
of Scotch 33 or 88 over the connector and cable. Don't forget that the last 
tape wrap goes UP the cable. This provides overlap like shingles on your 
roof. Install the last wrap down and water is channeled to run right into the 

    While the tape does a terrific job of conforming to the connector, the 
tape by itself doesn't do an adequate job on the connector joint. After 
application of the electrical tape, paint the joint with Liquid Electrical 
Tape. An alternate method is to put a layer of vapor wrap over the tape and 
then tape over it. Be sure both LET and/or  vapor wrap extend beyond the 
connector joint to the cables - this should make it bombproof.

Cheers,     Steve    K7LXC
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