[TowerTalk] Re: Fiberglass Guy Rod

KI7WX@aol.com KI7WX@aol.com
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 13:43:26 EST

This might be a TT archive issue, but what are you fellows with the fiberglass rod material doing about long term testing of this stuff as a guying material?

If I were using a fairly novel guy material, I'd have cut multiple lengths from a couple spots on the spool and left them in tension outside near my tower.  Every few years I'd take one for testing to see how it compares to when it was new.

I just want to know because I used Philly 6700i on my current towers and it wasn't exactly cheap. By the time I'm ready to put up more towers, Ty's Polygon rod will probably have 20 years on it, and if it's still FB I'll probably use it.



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