[TowerTalk] Recent Cushcraft discussion.

Bruce wd4ngb@qsl.net
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 19:08:35 +0000

I was busy during the recent discussion on the Cushcraft antennas, 
and wanted to pass on my good experience with Cushcraft. I have a X7, 
that was one of the earlier release versions. I had still not had the 
time to assembled it, and they came out with a revised version. I 
looked on there very informative web page, and saw the the newer 
version had different measurements, and a different set of traps for

I called Cushcraft, and asked to speak to someone that handles there
Amateur Radio line. I was connected with Ed Hammand. I explained to 
him that I had the early release version, and wanted to know if I 
1. Use it as is?
2. Use mine, but use the  newer measurements , with my traps?

He gave me option 3, he sent me the instructions for the new version, 
and also the newer 15m traps. My antenna had not been installed yet, 
but was past the warrantee time. The new traps, and instructions
arrived in 6 days, FREE.

This X-7 is a very heavy duty antenna. 1/2 of all the elements and 
the center 1/2 of the boom are double walled for added strength. I 
have had it up since July 1 2000, and my country count with THIS 
antenna is below.

I started a new log when the antenna went up.

Total available 334             
Mixed		276
Phone		276
RTTY		 16
40m		 11
20m		192
17m		136
15m		202
12m		178
10m		250

This is from a TRI-bander antenna, with a 4 ele driven log cell. 
Notice the 40m QSOs. These were with the X7 also. Just playing with
it, and one of those is with K5K from Kingman Reef.

This is not the highest gain tribander ever made, but it is sure one 
of the best built. By the information above, you can see that it 
does do its job just fine.....

I am 100% satisfied with the antenna, and Cushcraft.

 73/DX, Bruce

PS. I think a lot of the response people get from dealers is tied
directly to the way they are approached. This is the way life is. We
are all just people, and have our good days and bad.

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