[TowerTalk] Forces on Triangular Tower ... education please

Wynand van Wyk zs6arf@telkomsa.net
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 20:33:01 +0200

Hi there,

I asked before but did not get a response ...

I am busy erecting a 15 meter high ( 49 feet)  commercial triangular steel
tower sitting on a T-piece base that bolts into the concrete.  The three
legs of the tower slides into three tubes welded onto the T-piece.

Can someone please explain to me how (1) the forces of gravity and (2) wind
pushing against the tower will put stress on the legs and where the danger
points could be.  Will there be a difference between a guyed and unguyed
tower, I would like to not use guys.

In the process I have over engineered which is adding extra weight.  I have
heard that thicker steel is not necessarily going to calculate as more
strength ... howcome ?


Wynand van Wyk


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