[TowerTalk] Ideal Antenna rejection characteristics

Arthur Unwin aunwin@fgi.net
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 14:36:17 -0600

A review of presently offered H.F. Yagis show
in general >20 db for F/B or F/R  ACROSS a band
One antenna manuf points to a a 38 db MAX which
one may assume means a steep fall off either side.
The Antenna Handbook seems to strive for even HIGHER
rejection ACROSS band which would appear that there
is some desirability for a  HIGHER  level of rear rejection,
but for whome and  what level would satisfy those needs?
Do DX's have different needs than the normal
ham ? Is it a technical plateau preventing increases in
this area, or is it that further increases in this area would
be perceieved as a negative by some users?
Art Unwin

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