[TowerTalk] precipitation static & folded verticals

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Mon, 22 Jan 2001 15:39:45 EST

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>  But, before I do, can you (Yuri) explain to me why the electrically
>  longer (folded and top loaded) structure was inherently quieter than
>  the naturally resonant monopole structure when they are both
>  resonant at the same frequency? I sure don't know the mechanics
>  here. Can you give me some basis for the results of the test or
>  where I went wrong? 

By using series capacitor you are basically matching (longer) radiator to 
your feedline, but the longer radiator has different radiation pattern - more 
compressed to horizon and narrower lobe(s) - different from quarter wave 
radiator. Both antennas are "looking" at different environments and having 
different gain figures. 
The pattern is dependent on the antenna's length (properties) not the match. 
Quarter wave, vs. half wve, vs. 3/4 or 5/8 wave (and longer) have different 
radiation patterns, regardless of matching situation and "see" different 
signals/noise depending on local situation.  
If you have EZNEC, you could model both antennas and compare the radiation 
patterns and see the difference. 

Yuri, K3BU 

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