[TowerTalk] PROP PITCH -bell gear info needed

Marc Wullaert on4ma@village.uunet.be
Sat, 27 Jan 2001 09:47:16 +0100

> I need some help....
> I'm busy now to rebuild a used Prop pitch.Whit the rotor there was a bell
> gear(M) supplied.
> i have some copy's from CQ magazine where the info I found.
> The PP is modified and turn to fast .If a put 10vdc on the motor it take
> about 50seconds  for one turn.To fast for me and my antennas.
> Now my question is : Is the bell gear (M,in the cq magazine) token out for
> modifing ?
> Can someone send me a JPG file of the bell gear .The one I have is looking
> like someone
> already modified it or it is broken !!!!!
> Another question :what is the going price for a selsyn and a Radio compass
> (like in the Arrl antenna book)
> Marc Wullaert   ON4MA
> Software Manager UBA
> Visit my UBA -TLS club webpage at
> http://users.pandora.be/nitro/tls/

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