[TowerTalk] Yaesu rotators

N1LN n1ln@earthlink.net
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 19:14:43 -0500

While Yaesu rotors seem to be one of the hot topics....

I have had my G-2800SDX for about 2 years.  It is sitting about 95 feet up
and turning
my Tennedyne T10 and Cushcraft XM240.

I have a couple of problems and wonder if I am alone.

1.  The control box indicator moves when my 2 mtr packet station transmits.
higher the power the more it moves.   I just added a second HF XCVR ( IC -
746) to
my station.   When that transmits it also moves.   My other XCVR is a Yaesu
FT-1000-MP.   Doesn't matter what band....... NO MOVEMENT.   I have grounded
/ re-grounded / choked / re-choked / moved AC power...   NO LUCK

2.  In the last 6 months the rotation speed has decreased.   I don't have a
second control head so all I have done is replaced the cable from the
control head to the tower
bottom.  I also checked the connector at the rotor for corrosion... all
appears OK.   It is less than easy to take the head to 95' .....

Any suggestions for either problem would be welcome.

Bruce - N1LN

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