[TowerTalk] Question - Routing of Coax around Rotator Shelf

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Fri, 20 Jul 2001 10:47:18 EDT

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> I know that you're supposed to route all cables INSIDE the tower. This 
>  works for me right up to the 40' level, were the standard Rohn AS25 
>  rotator shelf completely blocks the tower interior. In my case, I have an 
>  AG3 top, so there's still a couple of feet of tower to route the cable 
>  within.
>  How do others do this?
>  * Jump around the shelf, bringing the coax back in, and up the tower leg 
>  before the rotation turn loop where the taper stops. 
>  * Go outside shelf, leaving the coax outside the tower before the 
>  rotation turn loop.
>  * Starting the rotation turn loop at the shelf.
    * Run them down a leg on the outside of the tower.

    While running the cables inside a tower is somewhat handy since the tower 
acts as a Farraday shield for lightning protection, IMO it's a real pain in 
the butt to put them inside and takes longer than simply running them 
outside. The vast majority of commercial towers have their cables down the 

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