[TowerTalk] painting and camoflage

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 I purchased a military surplus camouflaged antenna a couple of years ago.
 Placed it in the garage when I got home and haven't been able to find that
 sucker since!
 I don't jog, it makes the ice jump right out of my glass.
 Bill H. in Chicagoland

I was at the Rocky Mt Arsenal in Denver while in the Army in 53 where they 
made the G Gasses etc. Some "Invisible Paint" was developed.  What ever was 
painted with it disappeared.  We called the Pentagon about it and while their 
investigators were on the way there to evaluate it--some damn fool painted 
the can it was in and we haven't been able to find that sucker either.

We developed some "Dehydrated Water" which was great for desert troops.  It 
came in 8 and 12 oz packages (powdered Hydrogen and Oxygen) which was poured 
into a canteen and you just--add water.  The water was the water activator.  
These are absolutely true stories--I just made them up.  K7GCO

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