[TowerTalk] BIG thanks to all

Gary B ( RVN 'BTO' ) blueis@sprintmail.com
Sun, 29 Jul 2001 19:20:45 -0400


Thanks to all who contributed suggestions.  I have started to do the
research (reading, planning, etc.)... realizing that this just isn't as easy
as cementing a tower in the ground.  I will continue to 'read the mail' on
Tower Talk.  Seems there is always something to be gleened from the threads.

Who knows -- I might even get time to start the research I have wanted to do
for years:  In RVN we found that, if you BURY your antennas, incoming mortar
rounds can't knock them down.  We used buried antennas (dipoles) for backup
purposes.  Anyone on the list ever try BURIED antennas?!?

Again, many thanks.

Gary B

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