[TowerTalk] OWLS

Tower2sell@aol.com Tower2sell@aol.com
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 19:13:20 EST


I like to use snakes on towers to scare away the birds, but lawyers have 
gotten too expensive these days.


In a message dated 3/27/01 8:10:04 AM Central Standard Time, 
w9ol@billnjudy.com writes:

> Unless your Hawks all come from Palm Beach Florida, they aren't going to
>  be fooled by a plastic owl for very long.
>  NONE of any species of birds in my area were.
>  I put one of those owls over my vhf vertical at the top of my mast.
>  It can turn, wiggle, spin etc.
>  It can do everything but scare even the most timid sparrow.
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