[TowerTalk] Re: Fw: Crank-up

JSheinb785@aol.com JSheinb785@aol.com
Sun, 6 May 2001 08:39:45 EDT

Hello, Steve. I have a UST HDX555/MDP750 abt 2 yrs old.  Since I live in the 
corrosive atmosphere of the Texas Gulf Coast, & have had a previous UST's 
cables rust & break, ruining the tower & all the antennas, I'm thinking abt 
restringing the cables with stainless steel.  However, UST won't give me the 
diagram on how to recable it. Any suggestions?  When you visited there were 
they cordial?

The grease they sent me was a "clear motorcycle grease," as they called it. 
The lube for the cable was mfd. by Whitmore & is clear. However, one may 
obtain a similar product mfd. by Jet-lube in Houston Texas, (my son's company 
sells it) & the part number is WRL  (how unique!).

Thanks for your comments.

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