[TowerTalk] please advise on terminated vee beam design

corneliuspaul@gmx.net corneliuspaul@gmx.net
Sat, 03 Nov 2001 15:08:10 +0100


i would like to ask the group wisdom for help on the following topic:

having learned that the unterminated vee beam is bidirectional and therefore
"wastes" radiated power into the backward direction i would like to
investigate into the terminated vee beam which is unidirectional - to be
used as a transmitting antenna at 100W power levels.

i do have modeling software (nec wires) to do all the fine tuning, but i
need some article which describes the general design of such an 
antenna to give me the basic design rules as a starting point.

could anybody please point me to a web site covering this antenna
or send me a quick description? that would be very nice!

thank you very much in advance,

73 Con DF4SA

(please note, i am not talking about an _inverted_ vee (yagi style) beam,
but a vee beam)

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