[TowerTalk] What about hams with small lots???

Tim Makins, EI8IC ei8ic@eircom.net
Tue, 4 Sep 2001 08:24:29 +0100

Hi Tom - thanks for your comments. Disagreements are always welcomed here -
its the only way I can learn something.

The 2WL loop sounds interesting, and could be used by some on the perimeter
of their lots, though the required height might be a problem. How would you
suggest it was fed ? For those who find open line impractical, due to
house-entry etc., is there a way to feed with coax ?

With regard to wire-type, I would recommend people to be on the lookout for
surplus telephone wire, often discarded by linesmen when they are renewing
cables. The stuff here has 4 cores of copper (for the signal), and 6 cores
of steel (for strength) - I use it for my 1WL delta loop on 80, with no


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From: <n4kg@juno.com>
> A 2WL square loop (1/2 WL on each side), fed on the center of
> one side, is an interesting antenna.  It acts as two pairs of half wave
> dipoles spaced 1/2 WL and fed out of phase.  Each pair of opposite
> half waves gives a bi-directional figure 8 pattern resulting in a nearly
> omni-directional horizontally polarized pattern for the square loop.
> If mounted at 1/2 WL high it is an effective and useful antenna.
> At 20 or 30 ft on 80 or 40M, it SUCKS compared with a higher
> dipole or good vertical.
> Regarding wire size, anything smaller than #18 copper based wire
> is subject to breaking readily from falling limbs or ice loading.
> Tom  N4KG

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