[TowerTalk] guy rod angle

Tower2sell@aol.com Tower2sell@aol.com
Sun, 16 Sep 2001 16:14:44 EDT

The anchor rod angle is not rocket science - it is an attempt to keep the 
bending in the rod to near zero. This means that at maximum tension the angle 
of the rod is assumed to be the angle of the foundation reactions. The guy 
angle is the angle created from using the horizontal and vertical foundation 
reactions. The loading case case is the design wind conditions (70 or 90 mph) 
Yes, the actual angle changes with the various wind speed and even 
directions.  The assumption is that at the maximum tension - the bending in 
the rod should be near zero.

When there are anchor drops the guy angle can be different for each anchor.

The +-1 degree is from experiance based on what a contractor can be expected 
to install.


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