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> >To be very technical airplanes are work hardening and stress cracking
>  >and breaking down that is why there is a maximum hour limit on the
>  >airframe.
>  I had a ride on a B-17G built in 1944 just a few years ago.  It had flown 
>  over thirty combat missions with the Eighth Air Force according to its 
>  One, the aircraft's log, and has been  flying around the country for years.
>  We  used B-52s, in Afghanistan, which were built in the 1960s.  Pre-war 
>  aircraft are flown all over the world. Commercial 707s, DC8s and 727s and 
>  older 747s have been flying for years.
    A couple of things to keep in mind. 1 - The military planes are built to 
MIL SPEC standards which are much higher than civilian ones so they're 
designed to last much longer. 2 - Other countries have much different 
inspection rules than we do. Where do you think all those old US airliners go 
when they're retired by US carriers? 

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