Fw: [Towertalk] Newbie Question

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Thu, 18 Jul 2002 16:56:08 -0700

Tom, tho what you say is GENERALLY true, mught find this of interest-  Am a
6 meter op for the most part (for 35 + years!) have little use for "DC"
bands, however , on more than a few (started a couple-three  solar cycles
ago  !)  When worked a guy in PA.  from So. Oregon, running the "QRO" power
(-20dBW )  and on lots of operations, during band openings, reduce my output
power (below where the meter shows current? Power?
no, all the way down ) , as far as the power control will go !  usually
leaves a impression on those that am in contact with!  Maybe not the "DX
KING" that some 6 ops are (tho I have the K.W. if needed), but am proud that
my W.A.S. is a QRP one , and of 50 mhz, yet!  (read that as 10 watts or
LESS!, used a SBE-50, the equivelent of a BELCOM LINER , just  the name was
changed when brought to the u.s.).
 I stand by what I say, and have the cards to prove it. The amp is there for
conditions that I describe as in the "Mental Telepathy" mode (tho, in truth,
at 1KW , you are into the "DO IT YOURSELF BAND OPENING."  To each his own,
but do you really need to subsidize the nearest POWER COMPANY, or have them
put a sub-station in yiour backyard for a handfull of contacts?   Best dx,
and enjoy tho at VHF, you REALLY FIND OUT WHAT IS DX!
30 , & 73  jim, nn7k

Tom, W8JI sent: Subject: Re: Fw: [Towertalk] Newbie Question

> 3dB of transmitting power increase can sound like a major improvement
> to the other guy when signals are close to noise floor.
> As a general rule feedline loss, like antenna gain, is unimportant
> for receiving. Generally the directivity of the antenna dictates the
> S/N. The consistent advantage appears only on transmit.
> It also helps to keep in mind the 6dB per S unit is mostly a dream.
> Most S meters down low on the scale are about 1 dB or so per S unit.
> They generally approach 4-6dB per S unit near S-9. Many receivers
> were intentionally designed (Drake/Collins, etc) to be 5dB or less
> per S unit.
> The bottom line is for ragchewing no one would notice 3dB a very high
> percentage of time. For competitive use, like DX'ing in pileups, 3dB
> could be worth the extra investment. Just don't plan on 3dB less loss
> helping the receiver at HF, unless you have a dog of a receiver.
> 73, Tom W8JI
> W8JI@contesting.com