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Over the years I've had three trap failures on Hygain TH6/TH7's. Every failure
was on one of the driven elements. Each time I could easily see the problem
trap "light up inside" through the drain holes at night with binoculars while I
activated the VOX with an HT via a 2 meter rig next to the mic on the bands
with high SWR at 400-500 watt level. Upon disassembly each time I found the
coil form insulators carbon tracked beyond repair from the burning of bugs and
debris inside the trap necessitating replacement of the trap. I imagine if you
did a routine maintenance of cleaning out the debris before it ever catches
fire and scorches the coil form, the traps would be fine, and I highly
recommend this prior to the installation of any used Hygain trapped beam. Once
a problem occurs, my experience dictated replacement as the only solution.
73, -=Rog-K9RB=-
BTW;  I presently have a 5+ year old TH11DX with traps only on the three
directors and I expect it to remain trouble free for hopefully as long as I
will care about it. It is a far better performer than the TH6/7 series,
although considerably larger and heavier too.

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> > It looks like the solution will be to do both jobs at once. I will
> > first remove the TH6, so I can work on the traps, first checking
> > carefully at the 15-meter traps on the driven element. I will, in
> > fact, open and clean all of them.
> Ok, Ok... I thought it was a big NO-NO to take apart hygain traps.  Maybe I
> have just been lead down the wrong path?
> (I've always wanted to take my old ones apart, but have resisted the urge)
> Blake N4GI
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