[Towertalk] impossible ground

Tom Rauch W8JI@contesting.com
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 08:24:48 -0400

> No, Bill isn't toast because his shack is on the second floor.

Actually that makes very little difference, if he routes the cables 
and connects things correctly.
> ICE correctly instructed him to place the aluminum panel at the
> point of entry, at ground level.  That is his Single Point Ground.

If ICE instructed him to ONLY use a single point connection panel at 
ground level, that is very BAD advice unless EVERY cable including 
the power line comes into his room in a bundle from that point.

Anyone who has a shack any distance from the common point ground and 
who does not have ALL cables (including the power and telco lines and 
even heating ducts and plumbing) all arrive in the room in one tight 
bundle of equal length conductors needs a second panel at the room 
entrance where every neutral lead, conductor, or shield can connect. 

As a matter of fact, the SPG panel at the lower level is almost 
certainly not as necessary as the one at his shack entrance. The 
cables should all route past the service entrance and be grounded 
there, before coming to the shack entrance, but they do not need to 
enter the dwelling at that point through a panel. The feedlines can 
come up to the room outside in a nice bundle if they can't route next 
to telco and power cables to the room. He still needs a panel at the 
room entrance that connects ALL of the neutral conductors and acts as 
a room common point.

You either bond everything together, or disconnect every single thing 
and throw the wires outside during any period when you are not 

73, Tom W8JI