[Towertalk] tailtwister installation

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Well, I do not agree with Steve on this one.  I think centering the mast in
the rotator is quite important, especially if you use a "pipe top" top
section on your tower.  A few years back, we used to hear about the bolts
that hold the upper and lower halves of the rotator together working out and
falling to the ground followed by the rotator bearings.  I think the major
cause of this problem is and uncentered mast stressing the rotator as it
turns and working those bolts out.  I would ALWAYS take care to shim the
mast and make sure it is in center, as close as I could get it.  1/16th of
an inch makes a big difference, IMHO.

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>     I think you're making this a much bigger deal than it is. Whether you
> a 1.9" OD pipe or 2" tubing or 2-1/16" or whatever - the whole
> tower-shelf-rotator-mast-thrust bearing system is relatively imprecise so
> one-sixteenth inch one way or another isn't a big deal.
>     Shimming the mast isn't very useful since the shim material just makes
> more likely that the mast will slip in the rotator.
>     What you can do is to tighten in the following order (i.e. 25G):
> mast clamps, rotator base bolts, then shelf bolts. It'll work out some of
> kinks that way.
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