[Towertalk] M2 10-30LP8 log periodic Yagi

Hermann J Kohlmoos w6iso1@juno.com
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 20:47:11 -0800

Hi Nick:

Excellent article in the December 1976 QST.  I built one for 15 meters. 
Fantastic competitor.  it still is published in some ARRL antenna

I see by the replies that there is some confusion about what a Log Yag
is.  In this case it is a 4 element log cell with a director and
reflector.  Single band with a very distinctive band pass characteristic
and low SWR over the design frequency band.

I'm not using it now because I'm a contester and need a multiband

If you wish to pursue it I can mail a copy of the article.  

73, Kit  --  W6ISO
On Mon, 18 Mar 2002 17:35:25 +1200 "Nick Wallace"
<NICK.WALLACE@xtra.co.nz> writes:
>Hi Folks,
>Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this antenna?
>Does it work or not worth the hassle?
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