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Major Ron majrabsr@rconnect.com
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:49:30 -0000

Just checked all my notes regarding my now deceased 205. When set to low
phone, the resonance came in at 14.137MHz (according to my MFJ-259B). I
adjusted the antenna by setting it atop an 8-ft fiberglass step ladder
(reflector end down) with the antenna pointed stright up. The match was
adjusted with the 259B. When run up the tower, it played very well. Same
with the 105 & 155.

I would check your joints to be sure everything is clean and tight.


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> thanks for reading this. i have a 205ca that is driving me crazy. i set
> antenna for low phone, 14.150 mhz. on the ground with the antenna on saw
> horses, the mfj 259 showed the resonant freq to be 13.650mhz.
> with the antenna at the top of the tower 80ft the resonant freq never
> changed, only the swr got much better. i have checked and rechecked all
> measurements at least six times. the only way to get the resonant freq
> it belongs is to shorten the driven element up to where it is shorter than
> the first director. i read on e-ham where a guy put one together but
> get it up the tower in time for a contest, so left on the saw horses and
> worked a hundred contacts. i recently redone a 40 meter beam and set it to
> 7.050 . on the saw horses the resonant freq was correct just the swr high.
> pulled up on the tram about 35 ft and the swr dropped to 1.5. this is the
> way i expected the 20 meter beam to work. i have tried a different balun,
> balun and a new pig tail. even checked the mfj 259 to make sure it was on
> freq. any ideas???
> thanks in advance,
> ed n4ek
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