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Mon, 25 Mar 2002 11:07:38 EST

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> I'm considering a 96 ft self-supporting Trylon tower.  To maintain a 
>  semi-peaceful relationship with my neighbors, I'm considering locating it 
> my 
>  woods.  I have a small clearing in a good spot, and I'm willing to cut a 
>  more trees down if I need to.  Trees are 50-70ft, and all of my RF would 
> VHF  and above to 10GHz.
>  I've considered some of the annoyances of this such as difficulty of 
>  concrete back there for the base, 

    Piece of cake. Just hire a line pump (truck mounted concrete pumper). 
They're reasonably priced ($4-500) and can pump up to 400 feet. Option #2 is 
to use one of those powered buggies - they're even cheaper but more work. 

>  the need to erect w/o a crane, 

    Another piece of cake. With two guys on the tower you can build it on the 
tower like an erector set. You can do 56 feet a day easy. 

>  feedline losses, etc, and I think I can overcome/tolerate them. 
>  Has anyone ever put a tower in the woods?  Love it?  Regret it?  What am I 
> not thinking about?
    The only negative would be the attenuation from trees/wet leaves at the 
frequencies you mentioned but there's not much you can do about that. 

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