[Towertalk] 10M problem with A3S

Julio jperalta@tampabay.rr.com
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 15:42:37 -0500

Thanks to all that replied regarding the problem I was having with 10M and
my A3S. The consensus of opinion was that something was wrong with one of
the 10M traps.  Some mentioned the coax connectors and the balun as possible
causes of the fading signal level.

Today I dropped the tower and leaned it over in the yard which allows me to
reach the driven element. I dissembled the driven element, and then
dissembled the 10M traps. The good news is I didn't find anything wrong. The
bad news is I didn't find anything wrong. While I had it down I also checked
the balun and of course the coax connectors. Nothing wrong there either.

I put everything back together and put the tower back up. So far the problem
has not re-occurred after about 4 hours of monitoring. Since it took several
weeks to show up last time I guess I can only hide and watch.

Thanks to all who responded.