[Towertalk] Seeking input for new antenna.

hasan schiers schiers@netins.net
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Go look at the Tennadyne line of Log Periodics...they are quite moderate in
wind load and are superb performers. I have had two of them and could not be
happier. I have also heard good things about the KMA line of LP's. If you
want no traps and light wind loading along with solid performance (but not
up to a monobander for forward gain, of course), then you should definitely
look at the Tennadyne LP's. They are a beautifully constructed antenna and
what little support may be required (because they are built so well and
behave exactly as advertized) will be first rate.

They cover 13-30 mhz with a consistent gain, and more importantly,
consistent front to back. The measurements I made on my T-10 showed a front
to back of no less than 17 dB on EVERY frequency I could bother to check
from 13 - 30 mhz. I saw a few places where the f/b was about 22 dB. No yagi
is capable of this kind of performance across the bands from 20 through 10
m. Most yagis can't even do this kind of consistent f/b across only the 20m

I'm certainly not anti-yagi, but to me the best bang for the buck is the
Tennadyne LP, unless you are going strictly for a killer contest type
station. I have yet to find a pileup that I can't break with 500w out on any
of the bands 20 - 10m. Like any pileup, I may have to wait my turn, but the
key is, I'm usually one of the first several answered and I never end up
getting frozen out.

Think about your goals before you put way too much metal or way too much
money into the project. You just may find that an LP is a better solution.

...hasan, N0AN

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> For the last 13 years I've been using a Hy-Gain TH-5 on my 40' tower. This
> antenna has a total of 14 traps.  I thought I'd modernize and purchase a
> "trapless" antenna.  As my Hy-Gain HG37 tower is rated at a wind load
limit of
> 9.5 I have limitations. I have come down to 5 possible antenna's but can't
> decide yet which to choose.  If you have one of these antenna's, I would
> appreciate your input, either the good or bad about the antenna. I might
> out I have a D3W rotatable dipole for all 3 WARC bands but I guess I could
> the gain where 12 & 17 meters are part of some of these antenna's.
> So I have been looking at:
> Force 12  XR-5
> Force 12  C-3
> Force 12  C-19XR
> Cushcraft  X7
> Fluidmotion  SteppIR 3 element yagi  (I'm thinking this might do well!)
> Any input appreciated.
> Thanks in advance for your time and 73,
> Carl  -K8AV-
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