[Towertalk] Climbing Belt strap lengths

Mark Beckwith swca@swbell.net
Sun, 12 May 2002 06:31:55 -0500

All this off-topic stuff about antennas and rotators has got to stop.  I
subscribed to this reflector to talk about towers.

(I'm joking actually).

Here's a tower-related question:  I use a Klein climbing belt and it came
with a big-ol' adjustable strap.  I find the stuff on the strap which allows
it to be adjusted to get in the way with regularity.  I use it on only two
settings because I only have two sizes of tower.

I spend time switching it back and forth based on which size tower I have to
climb.  I would rather buy two different fixed-length ones - without all the
buckles, loops, etc which always seem to get stuck on the guy hardware right
at that unprotected moment of changing my belt from below to above the guys
and all the bolts and nuts and clamps and grips that are there.

Any tips?  Yesterday I measured the sizes I would need.  Where can I go to
order them?  Thanks in advance.

Mark, N5OT