[TowerTalk] Chicago Tribune: Antenna Stirs Static Among Neighbors

Jerry Muller k0tv at adelphia.net
Wed Aug 13 19:15:18 EDT 2003

Man, I can't believe what I started here.

I sort of understand what Bill was saying when he said that I was pushing my
neighbors in looking for 3 90 foot towers. He just pulled the trigger before
he knew the whole story. My towers are FAR MORE INVISIBLE than a 40 footer
on a residential lot. If you don't believe me, check out my web site at
www.k0tv.com. Better yet, come up here and look for yourselves.

My old QTH had 5 (yes five) towers on a one acre plot. Two shorties for my
EME antennas and three biggies (58, 68, and 78 feet) for my terrestrial
VHF/UHF and HF antennas. Nobody even complained a bit. When I was moving,
taking the towers down, and talking to the next door neighbor I said, "I bet
you're glad I'm getting these things out of here." He replied, "Not in the
least. We're going to miss the excellent landmark you were. When we were
giving directions, we said to turn right into the next driveway after the
house with the towers."

That's the kind of neighbors I used to have. Good ones. You've already heard
what a bunch of wackos I ended up with in the new place. Several of my old
neighbors actually came to the ZBA hearings on my new towers to give
testimony in my behalf. The interesting thing is that I only moved about 6
miles to a bigger house in the next town over. What a nightmare this has
been for us. Four years in court and $25K in legal fees later, (and that
would have been MUCH more if one of my attorneys, K1TWF hadn't been pro
bono. For those of you legalese challenged that means for nothing.) it's
finally over. We won. Not only did I win, but ALL OF YOU ON THIS REFLECTOR
WON. My decision  being that of a State Supreme Court, while not binding on
other jurisdictions, carries considerable weight in any court. Marchand v.
Hudson (which I partially bankrolled), is probably the best PRB-1 decision
on record for tower junkies like us.

After looking at the pictures Bill, do you still believe I was pushing the
neighbors, or will you now admit that given six acres and the invisibility
of my installation that you jumped the gun are wrong?

73, Jerry, K0TV

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> >A common mistake; this is NOT a democracy. It never was, nor was it
> >to be. This country is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.  Athens was a
> Sorry my friend, America is indeed a democracy.  There are several
> versions of democracy; a republic is just one kind.  Get out your
> dictionary and read it again.  The test is whether ultimate power
> rests in the hands of the people.  In other words, can the people
> throw the rascals out?  If the answer is yes, you have a democracy.
> >Minorities, including hams, have RIGHTS in this country which the
> >can not rescind.  Use 'em or LOSE 'em.
> Sorry again.  The majority can rescind anything, although in some
> cases it takes a supermajority - 60%, 75%, whatever.  There is NOTHING
> the majority can not do if the votes are there.  It may take a
> constitutional amendment, but it can be done.
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> 73, Bill W7TI
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