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Tue Aug 19 10:41:29 EDT 2003

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jimjarvis at comcast.net writes:

> I had a 40 footer up for some time, in New Jersey.
>  It was the world's biggest wind chime, when in the
>  nested position.  Not only did the tubes clank together
>  in wind gusts, there was slight rotation when the wind
>  clocked.  The result was a banshee howl/grinding noise.
>  The tower in question was house bracketed, and the sound
>  coupled into the frame of the house...right outside my
>  bedroom, of course.
>  Free standing is probably better, from that perspective.
    QSL. I've only installed them and haven't lived with one so I haven't 
heard the aforementioned noise.

    Yes, these towers are steel contrivances with moderately big tolerances 
so there is a good chance that parts will bang together in a wind. I can see 
where attaching it to the house can lead to noise problems. 

Steve     K7LXC

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