[TowerTalk] birds and towers, and other critters

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Mon Aug 25 10:36:02 EDT 2003

   Rich, KE3Q,  makes some great points, and it would be very interesting to 
ask the "reporter" , and the  government "employee", how many birds were 
killed annually flying into the glass  windows of the many buildings and structures 
owned by the BBC, and by the US Government. Must be in the millions huh?
   If the BBC and other huge media outlets had any credibility before the 
latest war in Iraq, their blatant and flagrant anti-American/Coalition  bias 
while "reporting" on events there only allow me to give them the respect they 
earned........very little to none. If they had an agenda there......the obvious 
conclusion is, they have agendas elsewhere. 
   I have 4 towers ( 65-160 footers), and the grass is cut regularly under 
them including guys etc..........only the occasional bird carcass that appears 
to have been the meal of a hawk.....while making this point, I seem to find 
many more carcasses of rabbits and field rats under there.  I just hope the BBC 
and the US Fish and Wildlife Service doesn't "investigate" the apparent 
suicides of these animals by leaping to their deaths from my towers. No telling what 
sympathetic wacko group would come out of the woodwork.

   Remember the differenc between a terrorist, used car salesman, and 

   Sometimes its possible to reason with, and negotiate with, the first two 

   73   Bob   '4t

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