[TowerTalk] Keeping The Mast From Turning (rotating) ??

Mike Rhodes weightdn at adelphia.net
Sat Aug 30 18:29:54 EDT 2003

  Hmmm...  Interesting thought...  Not sure the hardware count is reduced
and the part would be bigger but definitely food for thought. Had not
thought about trying to use any of the 'in-place' hardware (other than the
mast and tower itself) as part of the solution. Definitely something to look
at. Thanks.

Mike / W8DN

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> Hi Mike,
> I just had a brain storm, yes that is what all the racket was.  Why not
> a lower mast support for a rotor as a stationary support, it should mate
> to most any rotor plate.  Let me know if it works.
> Darrell KF8KT
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> Think it has been discussed here before but can't seem to find the info...
> Anyhow, just wondering if anyone has come up with a better/easier way to
> lock the mast when the rotor is not installed. Talking about keeping it
> freewheeling, not vertical positioning. Already made the mast collars
> discussed in a previous thread. The piece of steel and a hand full of
> muffler clamps, nuts, washers, etc., is a real pain, especially when half
> the hardware ends up on the ground. Any suggestions?
> Tnx & 73 de
> Mike / W8DN
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