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Lee Noonan vk2lee at maxnet.net.au
Sat Feb 8 15:36:52 EST 2003

Yes Steve, I should have bought some "N" connectors & white teflon PL259s
from the US as I did have a nephew over there for 6 months,He came home just
before Xmas.  I point out that the "N" connectors over here, including
different brands {all usually $10 ea] have pins to fit RG213 but don't have
the correct pins for the Belden 9913 cable... I have been told that You can
buy different size pins to fit "N" connectors in the US... but only the one
size over Here - small... You would think the larger hole would be better,
as it can always be filled with solder... .   The expensive White teflon
PL259s with the smaller pin ID was something of a shock.. I have used a few
different brands of PL259s over the years and these are the first ones I
have found with the smaller Pin ID......
But, even with all these small problems!!Hi Hi  I do have all the cables
connected to the antennas etc.... and the antennas are up in the Air... and
thats ALL that matters... well, nearly all..... the SWR on the Antennas are
OK too.....          thanks for the impute.. guys...
Lee Noonan  VK2LEE

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> The center conductor of 9913 fits a standard PL-259 center pin very well.
> It's #9.5AWG and the pin inside diameter is #9.  I've never seen a PL-259
that would not accommodate the center conductor of 9913 just fine, so
whatever you have there surely doesn't meet the PL-259 specification.  (Or,
> possibly the 9913 doesn't meet its own specification!)
 The "Made in U.S.A." silver-teflon PL-259s work Perfectly with 9913, LMR400
and all the other "oversized center conductor" cables.  I don't know what
the import duties or fees might be for you to simply order these from a U.S.
vendor, but here they cost $1 each ($USD) and are very readily available.
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> > The standard readily available PL 259s in VK are marked Japan, the
dielectric is dark brown and the center connector copper or maybe brass...
solders easily though, and they cost around $2.50 each.... I did buy some
expensive silver plated connectors with white dielectric -
 teflon??- but the centre connector of Belden 9913 is too large for the
centre connector of the PL 259....    can't win them all... Looks like I'll
have to stick to "N" connectors with a brass or copper pin and silver plated
body at $10.00 each....  there does seem to be a very large difference in
price & Quality ??? between the US & VK  PL 259s......
> > 73
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