[TowerTalk] Coax cables - PL 259s

Lee Noonan vk2lee at maxnet.net.au
Thu Feb 13 11:38:19 EST 2003

I used to reuse them George, many years ago, Only because I didn't have
spares.... but now I have a dozen of  PL 259 & "N" connectors on hand as
they are NOT available locally,   and NO I have NEVER reused an "N"
I don't think they are worth the trouble George... especially with
connectors these days in hard to get at places....
Maybe the PL 259's You are using George are the old original types, which I
don't think are available any more....
I was given one by an old timer-now a silent key- and I believe He would
have been reusing them also.
The new ones are very easy to use... and very easy to melt also... [no, not
the teflon ones]
Best Wishes
Lee   VK2LEE

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> Does anyone out there have the skill to reuse a PL-259?  I've done it and
proud of it.
> Geo W7LFD
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