[TowerTalk] Homemade tubular

KG4QDZ kg4qdz at arrl.net
Sun Feb 23 13:50:15 EST 2003


I teach and demonstrate blacksmithing and other metalworking topics
occassionally, so it occurred to me that I might be able to fabricate a 60
ft tower ;)  I see that there are tubular designs, even crank-ups, and
wanted opinions on a 3 section tower - 3" by 20' bottom section, 2.5" by 20'
mid, 2" by 20' top all 1/4" wall round steel tube. Not sure about how to
make it crank-up, but I might like that. Otherwise, I may look at welding
each segment together. Assume 2' of overlap/insertion for each section. Mast
painted black. I still have a lot of implementation details left to go, but
the price might be right....

If 50-60 ft isn't practical, I can see how to fab a crank-up for 40ft - 2
sections. Is this a better idea? So far, I'm just VHF/UHF, but will put a
rotor and some side arms on it, whatever 'it' ends up being for a tower ;)

Is this a reasonable approach? Has anyone done this on the list? Serious


Dr. Skip Coppola, KG4QDZ
6m, 2m, 70cm: SSB, FM, & Digital modes
NWS Advanced Spotter

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