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Roger Huntley snr.huntley at verizon.net
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I use to live about 3 blocks from a big gun contester and I was
approximately 20-30 degrees NE from him, which out here in Seattle is the
normal direction for Europe. When we were both operating in a contest I had
to stay quite some distance from his frequency as my IC765 would overload
the front end.  I solved the problem however, I moved to a new QTH out in
the country, now all I have is power line noise and a new FT1000MP.  There
is no easy solution, especially if you are in the path to Europe from him.
Filters will do a good job but only if you want to operate a different band
than your neighbor is on.
Good luck!!
Roger, W7VV

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Last year I elmered my next door neighbor and he's a quick learner!!....now
he's putting up a tower and an HF yagi... so am I....so of course we're
helping each other with digging holes and pouring concrete, etc.  But now
we're wondering what sort of problems (like front end overload, etc) are
experienced by two neighbors operating same time, same band, maybe 500 feet
apart.  There has to be a few of you out there that have had a sililar
situation... are there any tips or suggestions or warnings you might give?
Jerry K3BZ
PS... if towertalk is not the right forum for this question, please
forgive... where should I take it?


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