[TowerTalk] Hazer and Mosley Pro

Van Fair vfair at innova.net
Thu May 1 00:35:43 EDT 2003

I have a 70 ft Rohn 25 with a steel Hazer and a PRO 67A (weighs 100 lbs) and a tail twister. The unit has been up for 10 years in two different locations with no problems. The top guys are tied to the hazer for two and the tower for one. the lower  3 guys are all to the tower. To lower it I loosen the guys on the hazer and then lower it down to the first guys which will stop the hazer should it fall. Then I put a 2X4 slightly under it to catch it should it lower. I then take the lower guys off and go down and pull the string on the 2x4 to take it out and then lower all the way. I agree that the standard hoist should be replaced with a new one Rohn offers which is much safer. I have done this. I am no tower expert but success seems to be on my side. Maybe I am just lucky. I am not aware of any time that it was ever subjected to winds over 60 mph. 

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