[TowerTalk] Help with Ham V

Michael Hatzakis, Jr mike at hatzakis.net
Sun May 4 00:38:30 EDT 2003

I just bought a used HAM V rotor with the wiring all reversed and upsidedown
and trying to figure out if it is actually working properly or if it is
damaged.  Can someone who has the rotor and controller wiring diagrams
perhaps give me a hand?  Ie., are the colors form the bottom of the rotor
the same order as the ones on the controller?  Ie. screw terminals 1 -4 (row
1) and 5 - 8 (row 2) the same connections as the controller box?  Right now
the indicator dial reads full scale (S), but when I press one of the CW or
CCW it drops to N.  The rotor seems to be moving fine, but I think some
wiring is messed up.

Thanks, Michael

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