[TowerTalk] Rebar Cage and J-Bolts

Jerry K3BZ k3bz at arrl.net
Sun May 4 15:18:16 EDT 2003

I'm putting in a base for a used tower, and I can't get exact base specs
from the manufacturer (Heights).  It's an "old-style" Heights tower, and
Heights apparently only wants to provide base specs when you buy all the the
base hardware, and then the specs are for the "new style" anyway.  So, I'm
planning to install an over-sized base in order to cover all contingencies.

I understand I'm supposed to wire the elements of the rebar cage together,
as opposed to welding them, I hope that I have that correct ?

Also, are the J-bolts supposed to be wired to the rebar cage?  It doesn't
seem feasible, because the locations of the vertical sections of the J-bolts
won't exactly touch the rebar cage... so, are the J-bolts simply suspended
in the concrete?

Also, the J-bolts I got from Heights are just over 5 feet long... is it OK
to have the bottom curves of the "J's" sitting on the base of the 5-foot
deep hole hole?  Or should I dig deeper to fully encase the J-bottoms in the

Help will be appreciated.

Jerry K3BZ

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