[TowerTalk] Steppir at 65'

Michael Hatzakis, Jr mike at hatzakis.net
Mon May 5 20:10:02 EDT 2003


	The tower I've been talking about and planning for over a year now has
finally gone up.  Note the phylistran rope keeping the D40 from sagging.  It
does a nice job.  Cushcrafts D4 truss never made it in time, so I just
rigged it up using the top of the mast pipe.  Best I could do due in terms
of off-set was a 45 degree angle due to the way the tower tilted over.
Seems to work fine, I am not sure, besides detuning, what the degradation in
performance is with too much coupling... There's a Comet 2m/440 on the very

	Anyway, just wanted you all to see the results of all my million questions
to the group.  E-mail me direct and am happy to share all the step by step
installation photos in case someone else wants to see how the crank up/tilt
over works.  Hopefully now I can answer more questions than I ask...!

Michael, Bellevue, WA, K3MH

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