[TowerTalk] Tower base concrete work

David Greer davidgreer73 at yahoo.com
Tue May 6 08:11:14 EDT 2003

I am ready to install a new U.S. Tower TX-455 55-foot
free-standing tower. I previously had one of their
towers, the TX-438, but had help with the concrete
work from the dad of my daughter's boyfriend. The dad
builds convenience stores for a living and has had
much experience in concrete work in installing large
signs, canopies over gas pumps, etc. Compared to
those, he said, the concrete base for the tower was
child's play.

Well, I have moved a bunch of miles from there, the
daughter doesn't have the same boyfriend anymore, etc.
So, Sam, the concrete man, isn't available. Can an
almost concrete-work novice (me) expect success in
pouring the base and doing the finishing work of
getting it all level, etc. for the T-base? Anything to
watch for in particular?

I will buy a dense grade mixture of concrete, as per
Sam's advice the first time, and have it delivered.
The installation site is on a slight incline so I have
to build the concrete form to compensate.

I have studied several web sites showing tower
installations. K4ZZR's site is particularly good. But,
as he says on his site, any mistake is one you have to
live with forever when it involves 4 cubic yards of
concrete. Obviously, the leveling nuts under the
T-base can make up for some imperfection in how level
one gets the top of the base once poured. How much
compensation can those nuts provide? 

Any observations, words of wisdom, advice, etc. will
be appreciated.

73, Dave, N4KZ

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