[TowerTalk] Multi-Band Verticals

Dinsterdog at aol.com Dinsterdog at aol.com
Wed May 7 02:25:13 EDT 2003


I have the test book and enjoy reading very much- But since the book comes up 
so frequently for a reference here on TT, I have a question relating to my 
confidence in the results.  

Withoug giving away the farm, is there any reason why the book only tested 
antennas on a ground wave level vs actual DX performance? 

While common sense states that local test range data has a relation to DX 
performance, one could also point out that a vertical antenna is going to be 
heard much louder than one laying horizontal, locally, but that perhaps over 
DX distances, the horizontal antenna will far out perform the vertical. 

Taking this example further, could the same be said for the DX performance of 
the various vertical designs tested if one compared their local performance 
to that of their DX performance?  That is, antenna A gets a poor report on 
your test range but is heard well in YA while the antenna with a great local 
signal is not audible at the same DX location-

Are you all planning any future studies comparing DX rather than local test 
results comparisons?   The studies are awesome but I wonder if they would be 
enhanced by this effort-

73  Paul  N0AH     

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