[TowerTalk] Ground Rod Driver

Lee Buller k0wa at swbell.net
Fri May 9 22:01:30 EDT 2003

It takes about 15 minutes or so.  The water uses capillary action to move 
water lower and lower in the hole.  I have gone through a layer of shale or 
limestone.  It took a little longer, but you keep dropping the rod in the 
hole...and the shale or limestone does shatter.  I just keep a poking 
motion going with the ground rod...bringing it up about a foot and then 
stabbing it down the hole again.  They use to dig wells using this same 
action.  Dropping a heavy lead ingot down the same hole....then hauling it 
out...and dropping it again.  They use water to moisten the hole.  I think 
the technique is good for 50 feet or so.  If you have granite....good 
luck...it isn't going to work.

Lee - K0WA

At 05:09 PM 5/9/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>How long does it take you to install a ground rod using this technique? 
>Are you going into hardpan?
>Jim Smith    VE7FO
>Lee Buller wrote:
>>Dale's method of using water has worked for me all every time.  I use no 
>>hammer at all.  Just a divit in the ground...a gallon of water...and a 
>>vice-grips to hold on to the ground rod when you get it 7-8' in the 
>>ground.  I have put in dozens ground rods in this manner.  Just keep 
>>tamping down the rod....pull it out...pour more water in the hold...and 
>>continue.  I've also used salt-brine as well....using ground up rock salt 
>>in the water.  After 24 hours, the rod cannot be pulled up without using 
>>considerable force.  For FD, I use this method and then use an old car 
>>bumper-jack with my vice-grips and a chain to remove them in about 10 minutes.
>>Lee = K0WA
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