[TowerTalk] Old World Thinking-guying self supporting towers

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Sun May 11 01:21:31 EDT 2003

On 4/17/03 8:46 PM, K3BU at aol.com at K3BU at aol.com wrote:

>You live in Florida, you have perfectly designed antenna/tower system rated 
>for 90 mph winds. Normal situation. Then you hear that huricane is coming at 
>210 mph. What will YOU do? Pray that it bypasses you? You have no prayer 
>this thing will survive, you will end up with pretzels. ...
>If they had one guy with available anchor, they would be enjoying their 
>antennas for a lot longer.

For someone who claims to have a mechanical engineering degree, this is 
completely absurd!

Consider -- the wind pressure varies with the SQUARE of the wind 
velocity. Antenna support structures designed for 90 mph winds would have 
to be over 5 TIMES stronger to withstand 210 mph winds. 

What you appear to be saying is that adding a single guy wire to an 
antenna support structure increases it's capacity FIVE-FOLD!???


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