[TowerTalk] Opening TH6 traps

Fabio IZ4AFW iz4afw at libero.it
Mon May 12 01:24:15 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I'd like to have some suggestions and help about opening my TH6 traps, 
which I bought second hand some time ago.
I am planning to install it on the soon-to-be-up rooftop tower.
The antenna seemed in good general conditions, but it's been exposed to the 
weather on the ground for several months.
My only worry is about traps, because some of them have a lot of mud and 
clay on the inside.
I tried cleaning the traps with compressed air (there were some bugs 
inside, too), pressurized water, etc.; that helped just a little...

I read a lot of messages in the TowerTalk list archive about the TH6, but I 
can't find the article about opening the traps...
I also read that HyGain says the traps have not to be opened, but, before 
putting the antenna up in the air, where I surely will not be very 
comfortable, I want to be sure they are 100% OK.
I know someone among you opened them with no damages... can you help me 
telling me HOW can I open them safely and if I have to follow some precautions?

I also read about riveting the sections of the elements instead of using 
the compression clamps, what do you think about this?
Of course, if you have other valuable info about the TH6 antenna, let me 
know, you'll make me happy :)
Thanks very much in advance,
73 & ciao
Fabio IZ4AFW

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                         iz4afw at amsat.org
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