[TowerTalk] Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE)

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Another point I neglected to mention in my first reply was that the higher
the antenna the lower the RF exposure.  Such idiocy on the part of local
authorities is one of the reasons I believe Congress saw fit to vest
exclusive jurisdiction on this issue in the FCC.  You can file a petition
for declaratory relief on this matter with the FCC if you wish.
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> Gentlemen,
> My argument with the city for tower/antenna height is RF exposure, I
> need that try bander (Cushcraft X9) higher than 35 feet.
> I wanted 65 feet and the more I see about MPE it needs to be there.
> I operate RTTY with a Kenwood TS-850S at 100 watts. With the average
> height of a man 6 foot and a distance of 52.53 foot separation that
> is 58.53 feet to the antenna?? If I did the calculations correctly
> Any and all opinions welcome on list or private
> Randy
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