[TowerTalk] new Icom hf rig ?

Richard M. Gillingham rmoodyg at bellsouth.net
Fri May 16 23:03:12 EDT 2003

Weighs over 60 lbs!!
It's Big!  Has many many bells and whistles.  I heard the engineer give the
specs, but frankly was equally interested in my lunch.  I spoke to the rep
at the DX Dinner where Icom had it on display.  No price or release date.  I
expect msrp will approach $10,000.00.  Really looks interesting, but beyond
my means..
Others will most likely be able to add to this..

Gil, W1RG

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> Has anyone heard of Icom is coming out with a new top end HF rig , has
> been to dayton and seen one to report back on ?  thanks   John
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